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My name is David(Dave) P. Van Anda. I have been working full-time at Divirod since March of 2022. I'm currently the lead engineer on a team that covers software engineering, data engineering, and data science. Divirod is deploying the most comprehensive, scalable water data network in the world, in an effort to map and manage the world’s water resources accurately.

In the summer of 2022 I completed a Master’s Degree in Data Science at Indiana University where I was also a Research Fellow working on a project at the Kelley School of Business. My role there was modeling and analyzing social contagion in corporate/professional environments.

Prior to working at Divirod, I spent 4 years at an industrial textile manufacturer working on image processing and machine code for 3D knitting machines. I got started in tech as an analyst in the IT department of a regional health insurance company. I started my career as a wildland firefighter on an Interagency Hotshot Crew and then worked as a construction site manager until I went back to school to study Computer Science in 2017. I started to teach myself how to program in 2015.

You can reach me at contact@davidvananda.com

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This site is built with Golang and runs on Google Cloud Platform. Here's the repository. It doesn't get much simpler.